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LIVE: Today Gold Rate Kuwait - 29 May 2023

Sunday, May 28, 2023
  • 22kt Price


      0.23 (0.37%)
  • 24kt Price


      1. 02 (1.28%)

Gold price

RangeAmount% Change
1 Week-0.96-1.51
30 Days-1.26-1.97
6 Months6.2211.02
1 Year3.055.13
5 Years20.7849.66
Kuwait City, Kuwait - The gold rate in Kuwait is currently on the rise, with the price of 10 grams of 24-karat gold reaching 19.26 KWD  and 22-Karat 17.66 KWD as of today. This increase is due to various factors such as geopolitical tensions and economic uncertainties that have led to a surge in demand for safe-haven assets like gold.

Investors and traders who are looking for profitable investments amidst the current volatile market conditions are turning towards gold, which has traditionally been seen as a reliable store of value during times of crisis. This has resulted in an increase in demand, which has pushed up prices even further.

Despite this recent rise in prices, experts predict that the trend will continue over the next few months unless there is a significant shift in global economic and political conditions.